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We now have more devices than ever to communicate, however people have never felt more isolated. There is a big difference between the efficient passing of information and truly connecting with each other to build and maintain relationships.


Connection Kits and Products are designed to build stronger, lasting connections between people. These innovative personal communication kits were developed based on research, which revealed that it is in sharing the everyday moments that we feel connected to and in relationship with those we love. Missing those moments creates feelings of disconnection.

What makes us unique is that our products recognize that sometimes it's hard to find the right words. Our specialized copy approach eliminates the obstacle that the blank page presents without losing the charm and intimacy of a note done by hand. Our products are designed to make communication easy, and something you want to keep a lifetime.

All of the items work together with motivational phrases and positive imagery specially designed to keep Service Members and their families in a positive state of mind. Customized copy prompts inspire and make it easy to stay — not just in touch — but emotionally connected to home.

Our marketplace is business-to-business rather than through the conventional retail channel. Touch.NologyTM products help bridge the gap between loved ones that may be separated due to business, military service, divorce, medical issues, school, camps and other lifestyle situations. In these instances people need something that makes writing easier to create positive, personal and lasting communication, which is what the Touch.NologyTM brand provides with our customized products and copy. We work collaboratively with organizations, companies and affiliations that service people wanting to stay connected.

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Touch.Nology Holdings celebrates diversity as a minority-owned company.

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