How We Work

Touch.NologyTM Patent Pending Communication Kits and Products are designed to work together to build connection and relationship. We uncover key insights through primary and secondary research and utilize those insights to create the most effective communication tools possible.

Each of our customers and constituencies has unique communication needs that the Touch.Nology team creates customized kits and products to address.

Step 1: Understand the Need

Our first step is to meet (virtually or in-person) with our customers to hear about their specific communication opportunities. Understanding the end-consumer is critical to developing meaningful products.

Step 2: Choosing Communication Vehicles

The Touch.NologyTM brand has 11 different product categories, each with specific communication benefits. Products range from self-mailers to scrapbooks to postcards and even T-shirts. Based on our clients' key communication needs, we help our customers select the right combination of products for an effective kit.

Step 3: Original Art Choices

Once we understand the end-consumers’ communication needs and we have chosen the product type, we choose the graphic styles that will create the highest impact. We choose original art that speaks in an inspiring, delightful and accessible voice. Whether it is graffiti or spray paint art for teens, dinosaurs & unicorns for boys & girls, photography or sophisticated mixed media art for adults. Touch.NologyTM products provide updated and arresting visual looks that enhance communication.

Step 4: Client Branding

The final step is to provide the opportunity for brand or name recognition for our customers on the kit as well as the individual pieces.